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Gender Male
Family DiscoSonicDude (Brother)
Age 13
Allingment Good, Sky Acadamy
Apperence A normal Shaymin wearing a red scarf.
Other forms Land form, Dark form, Human forms, Flame form
Series Volcanic, Sky
Other Names Sora

SkyShaymin1998 is a Shaymin wearing a red scarf. He has a special trait which is different to others: he can fly at night. He is thirteen years old, his birthday is on the thirteenth of July. He has a fear of fire and when in land form, hights. He has a coookie obsession.

Volcanic ChronicalsEdit

His first apperence is in the first episode as the first character to be in it. He is in his land form and gets attacked by Flame Skade and his minion, looking for a gem. He then gets saved by PivotMaster237, who takes a hit for him. After a short battle he gets on Pivot's back and they head to the beach, where he ate SteelSpriter's cookie. SteelSpriter got angry and raced after them, he changed in to sky form and they flew of before SteelSpriter said he only wanted to join the team. They got attacked by cannons and they fell to the ground.

Sky ChronicalsEdit

He is the main character. He and his brother went to the Sky Acadamy so he can enrole to it. He had to battle the head, Glangle, so he could be a Sky Warrior-in-training. He met two other Sky Warriors-in-training called Blazeon and Aquos Dragon. He read the letter about the rules of being a Sky Warrior. He had his first test the day after he enroled. A few months later he had another couple of tests. He past the test and he became a full sky warriror. During the time at the Acadamy a fellow pupil tryed to blow up the Acadamy, but he failed to stop him. Then Aquos stoped him and saved the day.



  • He is scared of fire, but his brother is a Infernape and his freind is a fire type
  • He loves cookies, which gets him in to bad situations
  • He often called Sora because it comes from the japanese word for sky

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