DiscoSonicDude Icon

Gender Male
Family skyshaymin1998 (Sora)Brother)
Age 14
Allingment Good
Apperence A Infernape with a blue flame
Other forms Uber, Human


Volcanic, Sky
Other Names Sonic

DiscoSonicDude is a Infernape with a blue flame. He is skyshaymin1998's brother even though they are different species. He is fourteen years old and helped Sora with his fear of fire when he was younger. He has more power than normal Infernnapes as blue fire is more hotter than red fire.

The Sky ChroniclesEdit

He first apperes in the first episode where he wakes up Sora when he was asleep at the beginig.He then takes him to the Sky Acadamy he leaves later on. He next apperes at a café where he got attacked by CreationMaker98. After the battle he got healed he him.


  • He can distracted easily

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